Custom or custom-made, made to order, as distinguished from ready-made.

Other Services
Not just a one-trip pony . . . . .

Web Hosting

We can take care of everything for you. As well as designing and building your website, we can also host it on our servers - provided by one of the largest UK web hosts and fully supported in the UK.

Even if we aren't re-designing or building your website for you, if you're not happy with your current web host we can build a custom package for you at a very competitive price. Contact us for details

Facebook Pages

Social networking is a major part of any modern marketing strategy and we can help you set up your Facebook page and blend it in with your website and individual style. Contact us for details

Blogger Design

If you're running a blog on Blogger.com we can help you with the design of your page to blend it in with your website and unique style. Contact us for details

Web Design
bespoke web design from b.spoke web design.

We design and build sites for all sizes of business and personal interest. We strive to find the perfect solution for your budget and your business to ensure that you get not only the best value but a product which suits you and your business.

Whether its a custom built hand crafted website or the implementation of a CMS system and styling to suit your image, we put your ideas first. We strive to find the right tool for the job in every case and listening to your ideas is paramount to our process. We wont try to fit you to the constraints of a particular technology - Whilst we are happy to work in a unix or windows environment, within a CMS or freehand, we recognise fully that it should be your needs which drive the technology, not the other way round.

The first step is to Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Our Philosophy
Measure twice, cut once

By listening, planning and documenting your requirements before we even touch a keyboard we endeavour to be able to deliver the right product to you first time. Whilst there will always be differing opinions of what "looks best" we believe it is your opinion that counts and that our role is that of consultant - to advise and guide, not to dictate. After all, this is your website . . .