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Social Media Branding

Social Media Advancement

It is now a must to maintain your presence in social media sites. Social Media BrandingThis is crucial as these social media sites generate valuable social signals. These signals offer to be a prime factor in deciding the page rank. Apart from this, various other factors govern the popularity of your website in web 2.0.

The Distinct Advantages are

  • Improved signals from social media sites linked back to your business site
  • Uniform branding in all important social media websites
  • Permanent visibility in top search engines for your keywords
  • Presence of your business in social media spots
  • The most suitable strategy for today’s volatile market

Importance of brand presence

It is not just the Facebook or Twitter, social media consists of a wide array like review sites, micro-blogging sites, discussion communities, and video sharing sites etc. These are some platforms where millions of likeminded people meet every single day to share their thoughts and opinions. Your brand presence in these websites is an ideal opportunity to meet and greet millions of people who are interested in your niche.

Intelligent management of social media sites

Well attending over sixty top websites on a regular basis is not easy. However, there are sites make things easy for you. We help you to synchronize with sites like hootsuit,, and hellotxt. These allow managing all your top social media profiles with a single click! As part of this package, we do everything that is required to access all your profiles. That includes complete profile creation, management of accounts, and much more. Once it is completed, you can share your posts and comments with just a single click. You can select from our special packages ranging from 150 to 450 top social media sites and enjoy privileged social media branding.

Social Media Advancement

100% manual process, to spread your brand like wild fire among social media crowd.

150 sites
300 sites
450 sites
600 sites
No. Social media sites 150 300 450 600
Manual account creation and activation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo implementation Yes Yes Yes Yes
No. Back links 50 100 150 200
100% Profile completion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
social media sites hellotxt, onlywire etc Nil 60 profiles 60 profiles 60 profiles
Deliverables Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Code BSSMAS150 BSSMAS300 BSSMAS450 BSSMAS600
Rate £135 £270 £405 £480