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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Package

If you wish to play safe with Panda and Penguin, we have the right solution. Social BookmarkingWith social bookmarking package, we ensure organic promotion and improved social media signals. Well, now that we know the importance of these signals and this method of promotion is even respected by premium search engines.

Handpicked selection

We have an exclusive selection of social bookmarking sites handpicked just for you. We choose them on page ranks; IP addresses, relevance, and update our collection frequently for a fresh impact. For example, we do not work on websites with class C IP address. Therefore, our promotion stays within the bounds of algorithms.

Manual submission

Well, manual submission offers long lasting results and to make it even crispier when we spread the promotion over a period of one month. This is the most acceptable method and even search engines recommend it. This way your website stays away from over-optimization and related penalties.

We make it more organic

In addition to your home page URL, we use inner-page URLs, titles, description, and even user accounts to make the promotion organic. Gradual promotion in this style has long lasting results over to other methods.

Popularity and publicity

Social media sites have a tremendous power to send highly positive social signals. These signals help you to gain publicity in terms of backlinks and better page ranking in search engines. Indexing of your site becomes faster and accurate. The power of social media sites to make or break your site is amazing and we use it in a positive manner.

You can select from readymade packages of 150, 100, or 60 bookmarking or try our custom packages. Well, you can even repeat the process for all links of your website too. If you need to be famous, all you need to do is try our exclusive bookmarking services.

Social Bookmarking Package

We do manual book marking to your site which compiles Google and Panda update.

  1. 150 bookmarks per month

    150 bookmarks per month


    Get manual bookmarking to your site in basis of 35 bookmarks per week.

    Service Code – BSSBM150

  2. 100 bookmarks per month

    100 bookmarks per month


    Get manual bookmarking to your site in basis of 25 bookmarks per week

    Service Code – BSSBM100

  3. 60 bookmarks per month

    60 bookmarks per month


    Get manual bookmarking to your site in basis of 15 bookmarks per week

    Service Code – BSSBM60