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Page Speed Service

Page Speed Boost

If you have the world’s best-crafted website with a slow loading speed, you are going to lose the race even before it begins. Page Speed ServiceAs per a survey, over 80,000,000 visitors leave slow loading site and move to the next one. It’s time to rethink on the new concept of page speed, which is approved by major search engines.

Page speed SEO

Every website’s rendering speed depends on its design and several other features. To get the top speed we optimize many aspects. Ideally, a speed on the scale of 70 to 80 is good enough to keep you running in the competition, yet above 90 improves your chances to standout.

The strategy for today and tomorrow

Our Page Speed SEO package is designed considering today and tomorrows needs. It is a proven fact that even search engines are recommending page speed optimization to offer better experience to their visitors.

Our offer:

  • Guaranteed page speed above 90
  • Well its 90+ or we return your money
  • Additional discount for Wordpress sites
  • Coverage of home page and seven inner pages
  • Everything in mere ten working days only

Our methods are based on proven strategies. We know how to deal with slow sites and make them swift.
What we do is

  • Minifying HTML, Java Script and CSS
  • Leverage browser cache
  • Enable compression
  • Serve scaled images
  • Combination of CSS sprites with images
  • Optimization of images
  • Removal of query strings through static resources
  • Use constant URL to serve resources
  • Optimization of style and script order and we are done with your website’s page speed optimization

Well, in case you need moderate speed we also have a package to boost your site’s speed up to 80. For the best speed above 90, we are always ready to serve you.

Page Speed Boost

With this effective package, take less than 0.4 seconds to load your site.

  1. Word Press page speed service

    Word Press page speed service


    Make your site Google friendly by optimizing your site to load quicker.

    Service Code – BSWPPS

  2. Page Speed Service

    Page Speed Service


    Speed up the loading time of your site and get score of 90+ within 10 days.

    Service Code – BSPSSER