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Infographics package

There are several means to attract your customers and visitors. InfographicsHowever, with a special approach, rather our style of approach makes a long lasting impression on your visitors. Yes, we have an elegant tool to offer, the infographics. The concept is simple. We embed highly intuitive images along with the text to make it conspicuous and highly expressive. It’s the right opportunity to amass people to your business proposal website. We know that our system is fail-safe as it is a proven method. Our innovative designers are talented and experienced with special creativity. They have a stupendous capacity to turn your concept into attractive designs that speaks for itself.

If you need wildfire publicity, we have infographics to offer. Our concept-based designs will bring in more shares and open doors for immense popularity. Instead of conventional posts with text, images, and videos; our infographics have a tremendous power to become a center of attraction, keep your visitors glued to their computers until they go through it completely, and share it among their community. Your posts with infographics go viral in lesser time.

Each share of your post generates a backlink to your website. Without your knowledge, single infographics can generate scores of backlinks in no time and in a completely organic manner. This promotion method is natural and offers good branding if you are promoting a product or a service. Infographics do the lead capture in fastidious manner. Apart from SEO orientation, your posts are highlighted among thousands of readers as a recommendation. This has a highly positive effect on your promotional campaign.

We have three exclusive styles of infographics to choose from. Pick up the best one that suits you and we are ready to rock your e-world. Enjoy the seamless benefits of the infographics package with our creativity.

Infographics Package

Create web optimized infographic design for your site or message which reach more customers rather than content.

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Essential Infographics
Premium Infographics

Fast turnaround time

Designing content 2 working days 4 working days 5 working days
Duration for Design 2 working days 4 working days 5 working days
Authorization 3 working days 4 working days 4 working days

Creation of Quote Pics

Design pattern NA 25% 100%
Content type Famous Sayings List format content Customization based on concept and content
Option for content 3 in 1 revisions 1 in 1 revisions 1 with 2 revisions
Revisions for design 1 1 tweak and revision 1 tweak and revision


Required data form Nil Nil Nil
Stock images Yes Yes Yes
Reputation Yes Yes Yes
Copy right protected Yes Yes Yes
Document sharing Nil Nil Yes
Authorization 25 25 25 sites + 10 sharing
Rate £120 £240 £360