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Document Sharing

Digital Document Distribution – Get the best of content marketing!

May it be a small-scale organization or a colossal corporate, staying in touch with people is essential. Document SharingThe new age digital marketing makes it possible in an innovative way. Imagine if your e-book, brochure, or a press release is reachable to millions of people across the globe. These people are connected with the world through mobile computing. This is where we hit the hammer to get the best deal. Now, there are new paradigms of content marketing and we have just the right package designed for you to distribute information about your new products/services and more in the form of a conspicuous document.

Our one stop shop SEO:

We have identified a niche in the digital content market and have ready and scalable packages:

  • Marketing of e-books
  • Article links marketing
  • Marketing of promotional catalogues
  • Social media signals with link wheel technique
  • Brochure marketing
  • Book promotion

These services are comprehensive and cover all the necessary aspects that you need to get viral publicity.

What fits in?

Well, we have the right strategy if you have the right digital document. We promote all sorts of documents like articles, press releases, brochures, e-books, catalogs, and almost any type of e-document.

What we offer is

  • Completion of your profile with top 20 doc sharing sites
  • 20 public profiles and fixed backlinks to your site
  • Formatting of document if necessary
  • Manual distribution to handpicked 20 sites
  • Detailing of description and tags
  • Live links where the document is on air
  • And we also create the document if you ask us to

With wide array of services, spreading word of mouth is even easier if you select social media marketing. Going viral is fun and rewarding too.

  1. Digital Document Distribution

    Digital Document Distribution


    Share your documents or information like menu cards, white papers, etc with our document sharing service.

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