Check your PageRank – First PageRank update of 2013

The first page-rank update of 2013 has been rolling out over the past couple of weeks. With all data centres now updated, its time to test your page-rank and find out exactly what Google thinks of your site in the post Panda algorithm world.

For those who are not up on SEO terminology, the Panda update was Google’s latest algorithm change and was a huge shift from quantity to quality and has been onging since 2011. This is a very complex algorithm, but to attempt to reduce this to a simple statement; large numbers of poor quality and keyword crammed back-links are now detrimental to your sites search engine results. Natural looking linkage and high quality content on your website are now much more to the fore and having a real impact on results.

In essence, this is Google’s attempt to return search engine results to where they were prior to many blackhat SEO techniques began to “cheat” the system. Here at bSpoke Web Design, we only use White Hat techniques and always prioritise high quality content over cynical attempts to force search engine rankings. This is the main reason that none of the websites using our SEO service have been adversely affected by these updates.

If you would like to check your page rank on-line, you can use our tool on

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